Hexol Household Cleaner & Deodorant

Hexol Cleaner
Hexol Cleaner
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Product Description

Hexol is a professional quality concentrate that cleans and deodorizes, leaving a fresh clean smell. High pine-oil content has made this product a favorite of hospitals, hotels, and households since 1927 because of its disinfectant properties.

For a fresh clean smelling bathroom: Mix approximately one tablespoon Hexol to one quart of water in wash basin. Dip cloth or sponge-wipe over fixtures to quickly clean and deodorize. Pour a little Hexol in toilet to deodorize.

Nursery care: Clean crib, bassinet, or toys with one tablespoon Hexol per quart of water. Pour a little Hexol in diaper pail to clean and deodorize. Put a little Hexol in wash water for clothes.

Hot, tired feet: Mix a little Hexol in pan of warm water. Put feet in, move them about for quick, comforting relief. When finished, rinse feet with water.

1 bottle, 16 oz.